Humanitarian engagement

As a social impact impact company we could not but join the whole country’s effort to welcome in Poland over million of Ukrainians fleeing war atrocities. Immediately after Russia’s military aggression we began to adapt our company IT system, to set up administrative and translation teams. We reached out to the Ukrainian community to effectively deploy the Ukrainian sign language translation.Within few days, on 1st of March 2022 our free, online service became operational 24/7. It has allowed thousands of Deaf Ukrainians to communicate across a wide span of formalities and everyday issues with public and private persons. In a few months the service started to be supported by the International Rescue Committee. More on this

It did not happen by accident. MIGAM’s success results from collaboration with Deaf people, CODA (Children of Deaf Adults), scholars and practitioners. Being value driven MIGAM S.A. has managed to build an ecosystem of companies and bodies providing labour market support for people with disabilities, accessibility certification, wide range of information and dissemination services (webinars on accessibility, sign language manuals, etc.). Online sign language translation remains its core business. Leading position in Poland’s market has been achieved thanks to automation of business processes underlying our translation service and teamwork. It is active in R&D focused on automation of sign language translation.

MIGAM’s Ukraine project, ongoing cooperation with the World Health Organization, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and several non-governmental organizations in Poland testifies our engagement in humanitarian aid. We expect that automated sign language avatar, at present under development, will facilitate the deployment of sign language translation also in areas of conflict, across all regions and growing (practically unlimited) number of sign languages.

If you are interested in supporting MIGAM’s humanitarian activities, have an idea on how to use our video calling system in your aid activities, and have unique experience in this field, please contact us.

We also invite researchers and journalists dealing with humanitarian aid interested in disseminating information about our project and access to detailed statistical data on the profile of people using our translation assistance and the topics that were the most important.

In the above matters, please contact Migam’s CCO directly

Paweł Potakowski

phone: +48 500 656
or via LinkedIn: