The year 2021 marks the implementation period for new provisions of the government Accessibility Plus programme.

Under the new legislation, public institutions will be required to report on making their facilities more accessible to people with disabilities. The reports will be drawn up and submitted in four-year cycles. The first reports under the new regulations must be submitted by institutions to which these regulations apply by March 31.

As of September 6, people with disabilities will be safeguarded by new legislation based on which they will be able to submit a request for providing accessibility to the services rendered by a public institution. If they bounce off of the administrative wall, they will have the right to file a complaint to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON). The letter should then be addressed to the Chairman of PFRON.

Moreover, as of September 20, public entities will be required to change the structure of contracts signed with private entities. When an institution commissions or entrusts tasks to an external company, the contract must include provisions on providing accessibility to persons with disabilities. Private companies and NGOs will receive special certificates if they fulfill all conditions related to the Accessibility Plus programme.

As the Migam Group implements projects related to providing accessibility to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, we adhere to and are fully in line with the government’s programme. Additionally, we are developing our accessibility services in other areas as well. We provide training and education, adapt documents to Braille, and prepare printouts for the blind and visually impaired people, as well as audio descriptions and audio recordings of documents.

Ommi.io, on the other hand, is a video communication platform developed by us that enables any person, including Deaf people, to communicate online with all institutions and companies. Ommi.io offered by Migam is universal. The system can be used without installation on any device and any kind of operating system and various Internet browsers.

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