Patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine

Patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine

An important post about has appeared on the official channel of the First Lady of Ukraine – Olena Zelenska on Telegram! [Link]

Below is the translation of the text:

Important for Ukrainians in Poland. Almost every country has its own sign language. Deaf Ukrainians communicate in Ukrainian Sign Language, Poles in Polish. Therefore, if our hearing-impaired citizen was evacuated to Poland, in order to receive at least basic services, he needs an interpreter from Ukrainian Sign Language into Polish. Deaf Ukrainians in Poland can use online translations via the Migam Panel

The service is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To use the service, it is enough to have a device with a camera and access to the Internet. Migam interpreters use Polish and Ukrainian Sign Language. They will help with documentation, medical visits, enrollment of children in kindergarten or school, in bank branches, shops, and railway stations. The service is funded by the International Rescue Committee and

I am grateful that deaf Ukrainians who have found refuge in Poland have the opportunity to be heard.


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