Translating texts

Your Deaf clients’ first language is Polish Sign Language (PSL), which has a different grammar and syntax, distinct from Polish. That is why Deaf people have trouble with understanding written Polish (Why is that? Let us imagine a situation, in which one must learn a foreign language, but all the while, sitting inside a glass, soundproof room). To enable full access to information for your Deaf clients, we translate texts/articles/books into Polish Sign Language.

Captioning video materials

Your current (or future Deaf clients) cannot hear. It seems obvious, but not everyone takes it into account. We do. That is why we caption (nearly) all video materials (e.g. commercials, instructional videos, informational videos) into Polish Sign Language. That way, you provide full access to information for your Deaf clients.

Why us

We advice

We have a professional studio and recording equipment

We translate into Polish Sign Language

We are specialists and we aim to achieve the highest quality

We receive an enquiry

We translate into PSL

We record and edit the material

We send it

You can embed our movie on your website.

Our delivered/completed projects

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