The Day of Sign Language Interpreters in Ukraine

The Day of Sign Language Interpreters in Ukraine

On May 20th, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Sign Language Interpreters.

On this occasion, we have best wishes and a beautiful poem for our colleagues. Recorded in Ukrainian Sign Language with Polish and Ukrainian subtitles.

You see – hands shout to us in silence.

In hope, fingers join like leaves in a crown of trees.

And my hands twist against my face: both pain and joy.

You connect all hearts – and this is the reward!

You know, the rustle of leaves is impossible to convey

But deafness – Translator can … overcome!

And like a guitar string, the Translator watches over the order in his gestures.

In them (in your hands) you can also hear the melody and joy!

The sounds of the Earth resound through our souls.

One without the other we would not be able to do – you are our ears!

You want to bring a living word to you, although there is still an obstacle.

Let us sing together – and this is the reward!

The author of the poem:Margaryta Matulska

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