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One translation means one translation/interpretation per person in one day. For example: Making/confirming a doctor’s appointment for a specific date and time by phone counts as one translation task.
Download the Migam Interpreter icon, place it on your website and link it to the Interpreter connection link you received in the welcome e-mail.

Good practices regarding the placement of the icon can be found in the following two-minute video migam-hands
Can a Deaf person call us?

What to do when a Deaf person comes in?

We issue invoices with a 7-day payment period.
For the PLUS subscription, it is only required to accept the terms and conditions and pay the invoice, for the Premium and MAX offers, we sign a contract, the template of which is sent to the customer for approval or introduction of any possible amendments.
YES. If you wish to do so, please contact us.
Yes, the rate is 23%.
For a full list of entities subject to the Accessibility Plus Act [Ustawa Dostępność Plus], please click this link:

Who is subject to the Accessibility Provision Act? Article 3 of the Act dated July 19, 2019, on Providing Accessibility to Persons with Special Needs (hereinafter abbreviated to Dz. U. [Journal of Laws]) stipulates to which public entities it applies. Presented below is the list of entities subject to the Act. It is by no means a complete and closed list – whether a given entity is subject to the Act must be thoroughly analysed in the context of the entire Article 3 of the Act.

List of entities:
  •  Internal Security Agency
  •   Military Property Agency
  • ….
  • Public libraries
  • Community centres
  • Public schools
  • Public higher education institutions
  • Courts
  • Marshal Offices
  • Town/City Halls
  • Municipal offices
  • District authorities (Starostwa Powiatowe)
  • Public museums
  • Public art galleries
  • Governors and other government administration bodies (combined and non-combined) acting in their name or on their behalf
  • ….
  • Nurseries
No, we only answer incoming calls. We do not know the contact details of any of the customers.
You are welcome to join the training within the scope of Deaf customer support

Data are processed in the European Economic Area
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