The Act on Providing Accessibility to Persons with Special Needs has been the catalyst for truly revolutionary changes in the operation of many public institutions. It is now much easier for people with disabilities to handle formalities on their own. September of 2021 marked the end of the transition period for institutions to adapt to the Accessibility Plus programme. Complaints can be filed against institutions that have not met the objectives.


Nearly 112,000 public entities are subject to the obligation to change their structures and open up to people for whom dealing with essential official matters was previously a complex and difficult matter and a barrier in everyday life. For example, the lack of an online sign interpreter can result in a fine for the institution of up to PLN 10 000.


When can a complaint about lack of accessibility be filed? According to the provisions of the Act, first, an official request should be filed with a given public institution. If the entity does not provide appropriate accessibility solutions or does not offer an alternative solution to the problem, a complaint can be lodged against such an institution. These are handled by the Chairman of PFRON [the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons], to whom the letter must be addressed. Where should the complaint about lack of accessibility be filed? At the branch of PFRON which has territorial jurisdiction over the public institution in question. Completed forms can be sent via electronic means of communication.


What should be included in a complaint about lack of accessibility? First and foremost, it should contain the contact details of the person submitting the complaint. It should also include the description of a particular communication or architectural barrier that makes it difficult to handle official matters in the public institution in question. In the letter, one should also provide a suggestion on how to remedy the problem and remove this particular accessibility barrier. There is no need to include this description again in the complaint if the previously submitted request is included as an annex.

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