“Targowa” Assistance Center

“Targowa” Assistance Center

The Aid Center (established in the former Alior Bank SA headquarters) is a unique place where

Ukrainian citizens will be able to get the support they need. The space of approximately 4,000 sq m, prepared in cooperation with Caritas Polska, will offer: psychological support, language courses and consultations with a career counselor, also available for the deaf. The service of access to translators of Ukrainian Sign Language is provided by Migam.org

Thanks to the cooperation of Migam.org with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) www.rescue.org, we secured the operation of the hotline supporting communication with deaf people from Ukraine, ultimately in the 24/7 model.


Migam introduced such a service on March 1st, i.e. only 5 days after the start of military operations. Within four days of the decision “let’s make it happen” to a fully operational service, operated by completely new people in the organization who were physically located in several different countries “impossible, yet feasible”.

We managed to maintain the highest quality despite the insane implementation time.

From March 1st to the end of April, we performed 1142 interpretations for deaf people from Ukraine using the tlumacz.migam.org/ukraina system from ommi.io, with an average grade of 4.9 out of 5.

At present, our help is already used by Deaf refugees who went not only to Poland, but also to the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the USA and also Deaf people who live in Ukraine, e.g. in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnitsa …

We encourage all people interested in working with us to contact us straight away.

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